About Advent Media, Inc. - Columbus, Ohio

A digital creative agency built to tell the stories of modern businesses.

Advent Media, Inc. is an independent digital creative company, based in Columbus, Ohio, working to seamlessly blend creative design, content production and modern technology to tell the stories and meet the growing digital needs of today's businesses.

Our Mission

Taking the complex and making it simple.

We believe that businesses, like people, thrive on their ability to be understood and that the best businesses are able to simply and clearly engage with their audiences. We've made it our mission to help those who partner with us not only create effective digital content but navigate through the technological challenges presented by ever-changing media platforms.

Our Team

A multi-disciplinary team of experienced creative professionals.

At the core of Advent Media, Inc. is a lean multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals that value their craft and those they’re working for. They enjoy creating stylish, inspiring and motivating content but also thrive on solving challenges and implementing creative solutions both on and off screen.

The size of our team coupled with their depth of knowledge and professional experience is seen by many as a unique benefit. It cuts down on overhead and eliminates many unnecessary communication channels that cost time and money.

Our Principles

The basic principles that guide our creative work.

Clients as Partners

The best content is created when we’re able to work together toward a common goal. Our success depends on yours, so we work in partnership with our clients as members of their team.

Form follows Function

This is our design philosophy. We believe the overall function of the content we’re creating should be complemented with clean styling - not overpowered or undermined by flashy design.

Quality over Quantity

We set out to create and deliver the best content possible which requires hard work and open collaboration with our clients. We tend to take on less to deliver our best.

Our History

From Media Production to a Digital Creative Agency.

Advent Media, Inc. was founded in 1982 with the same mission as today, to make the complex simple - helping our partners maximize the potential of the media investments they make. At that time the dominant high-definition medium was "Multi-Image," which used 35mm slides in multiple projectors controlled by a computer and synced to a tape to deliver amazing on-screen results. As client demand changed and media formats evolved, we transitioned into making video for release on VHS for businesses, charities and government. In the late 90s we transitioned to digital video, began Website development and graduated from 35mm slides to PowerPoint for presentations. In 2020, we realized that we're more than just a video producer, a Web developer and a presentation graphic source, as we also provide strategic guidance, high-end design as well as production. We're now "Advent Media, Inc. - a digital creative agency."

Our Partners

Partnering with us puts you in good company.

  • Bishop Ready High School
  • Catholic Conference of Ohio
  • Central Ohio Primary Care
  • Kinman Design Associates / Institute
  • Lutheran CORE
  • National Association of Landscape Professionals
  • National Church Residences
  • National Fingerprint
  • North American Lutheran Church
  • Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association
  • Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association
  • POLARIS Centers of Commerce
  • Saint Mary Magdalene School
  • Upper Arlington Lutheran Church
  • Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Worthington Industries

Our Affiliations

Microsoft Partner
DNN Software Partner
Member Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce
Featured on UpCity

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