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Digital Media Production Creative ServicesIf you're here it's because you have a story to tell, and we're here to help you use digital media to bring that story to your audience. At Advent Media, Inc., we've been helping businesses, organizations and individuals do that for over 32 years, from professional stand-up presentations, to digital filmmaking and corporate videos, and dynamic Websites that enhance your credibility, sell your product or present your case with style and class.

Digital media production is all about creating a lasting impression. People forget details but they remember how they felt when they saw your presentation, video or website. Advent Media's creative digital media production services build lasting impressions.

Media for Live Audiences

Presentation Content Creation and Show Management ServicesStand up to tell your story to an audience in a room with a screen and you have a presentation. What will happen next? Find out how Advent Media, Inc. can take your presentations to the next level.

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Media for Video Playback

Digital Video Production ServicesThere's more to making video than just a camera and a computer. From a sales or training video to a feature documentary, see how Advent Media's production experience can add the "wow" to your story.

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Media for the Web

Responsive Website Design and DevelopmentYou probably have a Website but how does it perform? Learn how Advent Media's Web development services can revolutionize your Web presence with ultimate form AND function.

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Comprehensive Media Production Services

Communicating Power

Our clients enjoy working with us as a “communications partner” offering comprehensive media production services, content development and ongoing support both technically and conceptually. Our goal is to empower our clients to make the most of their communication investments, so we not only develop and create award-winning digital content, we personally help our clients seamlessly deliver it to their audiences.

Our expertise and insight stems from 40+ years in the multimedia industry and hundreds of completed projects. Our solutions-based practical approach to digital media creation saves our clients time and money.

Central Location

Advent Media, Inc. based in Columbus, OhioWe’re based in Columbus, Ohio for a good reason. We’re within 550 miles of half of the total U.S. population - easy to get to and well-connected electronically. This provides our national, statewide and local clients with a convenient source of digital media production and creative services.

While we are decidedly small, our unique approach to digital media production places you in direct contact with the owners as we work together to creatively meet your communications needs. We welcome hearing from you about your next media production project.

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Helping People Communicate with Technology

Our focus is on the three creative delivery platforms of Presentations, Video and Websites, with the backbone of Technology that drives them. Because most clients need a blend of these, we provide a comprehensive approach to media production and ongoing, personal support that the specialists cannot match.