Digital Creative Agency Services in Columbus, Ohio

Creating digital content for screens of all sizes.

If you need to put your story on a screen, we have you covered. From the smallest smartphone to the biggest theater or videowall, we create powerful, engaging content with your messaging, coordinated between platforms. Whether an audience of one or an audience of millions, trust Advent Media, Inc. for your screen-filling needs.

  • Research & Data
  • Branding & Content Positioning
  • Creative Direction & Storytelling
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our Approach / Creative Process


Communication Strategy

Regardless of platform, digital business solutions require more than just ideas…they require a road map. We at Advent Media, Inc. are experienced at approaching a challenge from the audience perspective to provide insight and analysis that will create clear strategic thinking toward delivering content that meets the business need. We also work with marketing and branding professionals whom you may already have engaged to work toward meeting your goals.

  • Problem analysis
  • Goals and objectives
  • Research (SEO/subject)
  • Timeline/schedule
  • Resources available
  • Assessments & revisions
Drawing the Road Map for Success

Creative Design

If Strategy creates the road map, Creative Design brings into focus what you want to see on the trip. How do you want your viewers/visitors to feel? How easy will it be for your audience to comprehend what's on the screen? Our designs focus on clarity, ease of use, intuitiveness and simplicity, regardless of the delivery medium.

  • Look & feel analysis
  • Graphic standards
  • Style preferences
  • Comps & samples
  • Focus group testing
  • Revisions
Designing the experience along the strategic route.

Content Production

If Strategy defines the route, and Design paints the scenery, Content Production is building the road, the bridges, and the landscape so people can receive your information. This is where our decades of experience really shines, as we turn the designs into reality. 

  • Organizing/outlining raw content
  • Copy writing/scripting
  • Photo/video/audio acquisition
  • Graphic creation/animation
  • Editing/coding/assembly
  • Packaging, delivery & distribution
Building the route people will take to your Information.

Content Delivery Technology

Regardless of delivery platform, you need a solid, secure infrastructure to assure no-surprises, no excuses delivery of your message. It is rare that content creators also understand the technology behind their designs, but our multi-disciplined approach also puts us in control of all the ones and zeroes that deliver your messaging to your audience.

  • Production systems
  • A/V display systems
  • Web platforms (CMS)
  • Hosting platforms (server/cloud)
  • Web security/privacy 
  • IT Solutions
Placing and maintaining the infrastructure: roads, bridges, pavement.

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