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Video Production, Presentation Design

Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) first reached out to us for help with their presentations for corporate events. They were also impressed with our video production expertise and contracted us to produce multiple videos for their overall corporate and marketing communication efforts. We also produced a special documentary covering the history of COPC for their 20th anniversary celebration in 2016.

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Video Production, Website Design, Presentation Design

The developers of POLARIS have been working with Advent Media since 1987, when it was nothing more than a farmhouse on 1,000 acres. At that time we were retained to make updates to their multi-projector slide show. We have since produced several marketing videos, coordinated with their marketing efforts, as the development has matured. In addition we developed their corporate Website and helped with many different presentations.

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Video Production, Website Design

OCSAA selected Advent Media to create a custom Web Portal for their 300+ chartered schools to report information required for state accreditation. Comprising more than 30k records, this custom Web application collects data from school administrators and provides resources and reporting to support schools in their "Continuous Improvement" cycle. We were also commissioned to produce an informational video that illustrates to school personnel and the public the process of accreditation required by the state.

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Presentation Design

Over 10 years we helped Ruscilli win over $1 billion in construction management services, mostly while rebuilding schools throughout Ohio in conjunction with the Ohio School Facilities Commission. With Ruscilli we developed the concept of Presentation Partner, where we become part of the presentation team to manage all aspects of presentation, including coaching, content development and technical support.

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Video Production, Presentation Design

We've been working with the National Association of Landscape Professionals since 2000, including its previous iterations as ALCA and PLANET. This association first reached out to Advent Media to streamline their annual landscape awards show which used to run 4 hours. After successfully producing that event for many years, we were contracted to create the content and produce the opening and closing ceremonies of their other annual event, the "National Collegiate Landscape Competition" (NCLC). and finally, after seeing our production capabilities, we were contracted to film and produce many different videos for their marketing and communication efforts.

Watch NALP's Awards Recap Video
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Video Production, Digital Transfers

The (former) College of Human Ecology approached us in 1996 to celebrate their centennial as a department/college at the Ohio State University. (Human Ecology is the name for the disciplines known as Home Economics.) Inspired by the 1968 film "American Time Capsule" by Charles Braverman, we proposed condensing 100 years of home economics history into a 3-minute Multi-Image "Time Capsule" We worked closely with the OSU Archives to photograph hundreds of historical images, then used 12 slide projectors to animate it on the big screen for the celebration event. A commorative display wall was also created using about 100 of the images. The show has been restored to full 4K glory and is now available for viewing online.

Watch the Time Capsule Video

Kairos Prison Ministry

Video Production

Originally produced for and entered in the 168 Film Project (an international short film competition), "Changed on the Inside" is a special short film documentary featuring three prison inmates who had their lives changed while behind prison walls. The film showcases the work of Kairos, an international prison ministry as these three inmates tell their stories of how that ministry helped them. After this short film debuted in 2012 and received the award for best documentary at the 168 Film Festival, it was licensed by Kairos and is actively being used as an informational and recruiting tool.

Watch our Award Winning Short Film