Legacy film, photo, tape and phonograph transfer services in Columbus, Ohio.

Digitize your Movies, Tapes, Photos & Records.

Advent Media, Inc. is Central Ohio's local source for preserving legacy media materials by transferring them to digital formats. Plus, there is no need for a special box or shipping. Just drop off your materials and we'll personally transfer them to high quality digital formats.

Digital Transfer Pricing

All Media Transfers
Transfers of any source materials (listed above) to digital formats. Below are some sample prices. Many options and quantity discounts are available.

Minimum Order:

Analog Video Cassettes
Price shown for single VHS tape, up to 2 hour SP mode - source file only (Additional options are available.)

Starting at:

Home Movie Films
8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm. Price shown for single 50' reel, source file only (Discounts or additional options may apply):

Starting at:

Prints or Slides
Cost per individual image (discounts or additional options may apply):

Starting at:

Audio Tapes or Records
Cost for 30 minute audio tape (discounts or additional options may apply):

Starting at:

Transfers from Devices
Cost per Gigabyte (additional options available):

First Gigabyte:

Each Job is Unique
Send us an inventory for a quote with options. (See fine print below.)

Memories are

* Minimum $75/order. Various formats may be combined in a single order.