Why PowerPoint?

Why PowerPoint?

Advent Media, Inc. chooses PowerPoint for some very sound business reasons

Sure, there are fancier, pricier and more trendy presentation software titles out there, but at Advent Media, Inc., we have standardized on PowerPoint as our go-to delivery system for presentations. Why? Here are 10+1 sound business reasons to trust PowerPoint.

Reason #1. PowerPoint is everywhere.

Any computer with Microsoft Office has PowerPoint. That makes it the most ubiquitous playback platform on the planet. Granted there are issues with backward compatibility, but those are overcome when designing for a particular version.

Reason #2. PowerPoint bridges the platform divide

Microsoft has versions of Office for Windows and Mac desktops, as well as for iOS and Android mobile devices. That means a PowerPoint slide deck or pitch deck can be used literally anywhere, including on the proverbial elevator for an elevator pitch!

Reason #3. PowerPoint is intuitive.

Like all software, there are best practice rules to follow, but once those principles are understood, PowerPoint is highly intuitive and easy for people to operate. PowerPoint shares the same command structure (the Ribbon) as other Office apps, so even novice users can make it work.

Reason #4. PowerPoint is local.

Some presentation software is cloud-based. (Woohoo, the CLOUD!) While you can store PowerPoint on the cloud and use their Office 365 cloud to run it in a browser, you normally run PowerPoint WITHOUT an Internet connection. When stored locally on a laptop's hard drive or carried with you on a Flash drive, there’s no logging in or hoping your Wi-Fi has enough bandwidth.

Reason #5. PowerPoint is stable.

PowerPoint has been around a long time, and Microsoft has been continually refining it, so it’s the most stable presentation platform. Unlike other new-kid-on-the-block titles, PowerPoint doesn’t just crash for no good reason.

Reason #6. PowerPoint is adjustable.

If the slide deck is designed right, with one command you can change font, type size or background image for the entire deck. That means if you run into a situation where the screen is too small, it’s washed out with room light, or there are other circumstances where things aren’t visible, you can fix them quickly.

Reason #7. PowerPoint is flexible.

Suppose you have an overview presentation but you want background detail at your fingertips in case the client wants to see more. Using a new feature called “zoom,” you can create a library of background material and seamlessly access it.

Reason #8. PowerPoint is presenter-friendly.

PowerPoint’s Presenter View puts on your laptop screen a view of what’s next and your speaker notes. It also allows random access to any slide in the deck, meaning you can quickly review material during Q&A. And you can now use Miracast to project wirelessly to projectors or displays.

Reason #9. PowerPoint is powerful.

It doesn’t have the name “Power” for nothing. While the effects all seem simple, you can drill down into their properties to customize them to make them unique. The latest versions handle all sizes of h.264 video with aplomb, and you can now export a whole show as a video with all effects. Video backgrounds? No problem. Audio bridging slides? Piece of cake. And external media like video and audio are embedded into the single PowerPoint file, so there’s no concern with links being broken when playing on another machine.

Reason #10. PowerPoint is Versatile.

I’ve often called PowerPoint the “Swiss Army Knife®” of the Office Suite. Need to make a bunch of pictures the same size? Import them into PowerPoint as a Photo Album, scale and crop, then export to identically sized images. Need a quick graphic? Use PowerPoint’s drawing tools to create shapes to illustrate your point. Make a sign? Easy-peezy.

Reason #10+1. We're PowerPoint Experts.

Because we have more than 45 years of experience making presentations, including the old-fashioned ways of overheads and “real” slides, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making presentation graphics that work for real audiences. So, when you’re ready to go the next level in making PowerPoint work for you, we’re ready at Advent Media, Inc. to help you get there.

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