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Video for Recruiting

How a professional video can be a valuable tool for recruiting quality talent

By Steve Puffenberger on
Video for Recruiting

I was reading a trade magazine the other day and it had an article about attracting quality people for the workforce and suggested a well-done professional video would be a good asset when recruiting key employees.  Well, doh! At Advent Media, Inc. we’ve been doing that for dozens of clients over the last several decades. Recruiting videos and presentations share the same qualities as other documentary films, only their goal is to entice people to join your team – whether it be for employers looking for staff, schools looking for students, or nonprofits looking for volunteers.

Let’s look at some qualities of good recruiting videos:

Recruiting videos are heavy on mission

The key to a recruiting video is to help your recruits decide if your organization is a good fit, and that usually means talking about your mission in a way that helps the recruit embrace your mission. And if your mission is a little fuzzy, the exercise of making a video can refine and clarify your mission. That goes hand in hand with…

Recruiting videos express the vision of the founder/leadership team

While "mission" is what you stand for, "vision" is where you're going, based on where you've been. The story of how the business or organization came to be helps recruits catch the vision. This usually includes some interview footage with the founders or leaders, along with historical images so the recruit can quickly get a picture of the history they are joining.

Recruiting Videos give a glimpse of corporate (campus) culture

The recruit wants to know what it will be like to be part of the organization. A “day in the life” montage, with or without employee testimonials can be helpful in making the impression that this is a great place to be.

Recruiting Videos outline benefits, amenities and policies

A lot of people find reading the fine print to be boring – they’re used to clicking “accept” to license terms all the time without reading them, but your policies are important.  A quick video overview will help your recruits know the essentials of your company policies, and where to find the detailed information they need when they have questions.

Recruiting videos can be short

Sometimes a recruiting video can be a quick 1-2 minute “elevator pitch” video from the boss. It can be a "commercial" showing a dynamic workplace, or a very short mission/vision piece with graphics and voiceover.

Recruiting videos can be long (but not too long)

Some like to make their recruiting videos as part of a series of video modules that can be used for orientation, marketing or even publicity. These kinds of videos can be 10 minutes or so and have a combination of the elements listed above – and more.

The long and the short of it

A problem when an organization tries to do its own recruiting video is the matter of perspective. How a company looks from the inside is usually far different from what outsiders see, so by hiring a 3rd party producer like Advent Media, Inc., you get a fresh perspective from your audience's point of view. Our production process assures you of a no surprises, no excuses production experience that will work to give your prospects an accurate picture of working with you. Because we will be filming your people as they're working, we use minimal gear and crew to keep disruptions to a minimum, and we make sure permissions are granted for everyone we film. 

We’ve done recruiting for vocational schools, volunteer organizations, physician groups and many other concerns. At Advent Media, we’d like to recruit you for your next recruiting video.

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