The Cost and Value of Media Production Services

How to budget for video production, Website development and presentation design services

You may have seen this illustration about "Pick Two: Fast, Cheap, Good."

Fast + Cheap = Not Good
Cheap + Good = Not Fast
Good + Fast = Not Cheap

By far the most frequently asked question about creative media production is "what does it cost?"
There's a very simple answer, "It depends."

This whitepaper will help you understand how pricing media production works.

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Our Storytelling Approach to Professional Video Production

How Pre Production, Production, and Post Production work at Advent Media, Inc.

This article is to help you to understand the steps we take to assure your video production project will meet your expectations and connect with your audience. From first meeting to project roll out, here is the process that assures the highest Viewer Experience for your audience.

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The Video Codec Moment

An overview of the various digital video formats and codecs.

What's a video codec? Quick answer: it's a mashup of the words "COmpressor" and "DECompressor." But like everything else, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Read more to start to understand video formats for Websites, presentations and even broadcast television.

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Video in PowerPoint: What Works and What Won't

The fine art of inserting video into PowerPoint. It's easy unless...

Embedding video in PowerPoint is easy!  Just click "Insert," choose "Video | on My PC," point to the file, and voila! Your video is ready inside a slide. In PowerPoint 2016 you can just drag & drop the video into a slide and voila!

Now, that works very elegantly in the newest versions of PowerPoint for Mac or PC, but if you go to play it on an older version, your going to run into issues.

But we're PowerPoint experts and know the ways around this. So, here's a brief overview of what works and what doesn't between the various versions and platforms.

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Slide Conversions Make Slide Shows Live Again

With 4K scans of slides, Multi-Image shows be restored to their original splendor!

As you may have read, Advent Media, Inc. started out in the slide show business. Today we think of slides as something you make in PowerPoint, but in the late 60s thru early 90s, slides were big stuff, in a medium known as Multi-Image. It was the original multimedia production medium with lots of screens, projectors and media types. Now that 4K video has arrived, we can scan the slides to restore old Multi-Image shows to their full 4K glory, and sequence them so they run again.  Learn more about the legacy of slides and how we can convert your slide show to digital video.

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Copyright and Wrong

A resource reguarding the use of copyrighted material.

If you think you can use commercially-recorded music in a presentation, video or Website just because it's freely available from YouTube or your favorite sharing service, or you have an old LP from 50 years ago, think again. Copyright violations can lead to serious trouble. Read this article from the Public Domain Information Project. Another good resource is, which can negotiate clearance rights for you.

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The Basics of Video Style

Some of the techniques we use to make award-winning video

These days, everyone's a video producer. "All you need," they say, "is an iPhone."  Well that's not quite true. Yes you can shoot video on your iPhone, or Android, or a bazillion other camera models that are flooding the market, but you kind of have to know what you're doing before rolling footage. And that takes experience. With over 55 years of combined experience, we've learned a thing or three. Here are some of the principles by which we create outstanding media

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Smartphone Video

When to use it...and when NOT to use it

An amazing thing has happened. Nearly everyone has a HD video camera in their pocket. Modern smartphones are actually quite capable little video cameras. And the internet is filled with video from them!

So the big question is, with that power in my pocket, why can’t I just shoot my next corporate or event video with my iPhone?

Well there are some people who have shot short films and even a clip in a feature or two on a smartphone, but you can’t just go willy-nilly and expect to get something better than funny cat videos or clips of people falling down. 

We detail the many ways in which videos shot on smartphones usually fall flat.

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A Basic Color Calibration Technique for TV's and Monitors

How to calibrate your monitor with using the color blue.

NTSC was said to mean, "Never Twice the Same Color" because with CRTs (old fashioned picture tubes), colors could shift for a variety of reasons - sometimes as the TV set warmed up. With digital video, the issue isn't quite as apparent, but still LCD panels vary. Here's how to use the old CRT technique to tune up your digital TV or computer monitor.

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