Aerial Videography and Photography Now Available

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Aerial Videography and Photography Now Available

We're "up in the air," ready to film stunning aerial footage in and around Columbus, Ohio and beyond.

It’s’ not every day we say something “up in the air” is a good thing. At Advent Media, Inc. we’ve made an important investment in aerial photography and videography to provide our clients the most dramatic views of their subjects.

That’s right. We bought a drone.

Whether a part of a turnkey video/web project or simply video footage or photo stills for clients, we can provide aerial photography and videography for:

  • Advertising: TV commercials, Web imagery, Print
  • Real Estate Listings or Development Promotions
  • Construction: Site Surveys, Progress Photography, Bid Presentations
  • Landscaping: Before/After Photos
  • Maintenance: Aerial Inspections for Roofing, Paving, Farms
  • Traffic Studies
  • Documentary Films
  • Narrative Films
  • Instructional Films
  • And more...

Drone footage is great for wide vistas from high up, but low-level drone footage can easily provide dramatic footage where we would otherwise use a boom or dolly.

Our drone is capable of 4K video footage in high-bitrate h.264 or h.265, and 20 megapixel stills. Needless to say, the images are stunning.

Not only is our investment in hardware, but we’ve taken the steps necessary to obtain our “Part 107” Remote Pilot Certificate for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), so the footage we acquire can be used commercially. While "recreational" drone pilots don't need the certificate to fly, without the cert it's illegal to sell or use any footage obtained from a drone for any form of compensation or advance of business interest. (That even includes the pennies you'd get from a monitized YouTube posting!) Sounds crazy, but that's the regulation.

To get a Part 107 certificate, you’re practically an airplane pilot. You have to be able to read aircraft charts, aviation weather reports, and much more. Ask me what a METAR or NOTAM is and I can tell you.

We share the skies with manned aircraft, and the safety of those occupants is paramount. There are restrictions on when we can fly, where we can fly and how far and how high we can go. Some of those restrictions include flying near airports, at night, directly over people and not above 400 feet. Waivers can be obtained for some of these restrictions, though it can take up to 90 days for the FAA to respond. That makes advanced planning a real necessity. Also, some communities and property owners’ frown on drone overflight, so permissions are advised. (It’s interesting to note that the FAA owns ALL the airspace, even the air in your backyard, so while permission is not legally required, it is a good idea.)

Still there’s a whole lot of airspace left where we can get great pictures for your projects - as long as you're not too near an airport.

So, since I don’t really want to “drone on” about Advent Media’s aerial capabilities, I’ll stop now. Just call us when you need footage from the air.

Where do you need to fly?

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