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Are you properly protecting your Website from hackers?

  • David Puffenberger
  • Web/Graphic Design, Technical Support

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to Website safety, security and liability.

You hear it all the time. “XYZ Company’s Website has been hacked.” “Big data breach.” “Customer credit cards and social security numbers exposed.”...

Avoiding Zoom Fatigue

  • Steve Puffenberger
  • General, Presentations/Events

A look at strategies to keep your teleconferencing less painful

Teleconferencing apps have allowed us to get business done in the days of social distancing. But now, “Zoom fatigue” is setting in.  What can be done?

Aerial Videography and Photography Now Available

  • Steve Puffenberger
  • General, Video Production, Web/Graphic Design, Presentations/Events

We're "up in the air," ready to film stunning aerial footage in and around Columbus, Ohio and beyond.

 At Advent Media, Inc. we’ve made an important investment in aerial photography and videography to provide our clients the most dramatic views of their subjects.

How to Write a PowerPoint Slide Presentation

  • Steve Puffenberger
  • Presentations/Events

The secret that puts the Power in PowerPoint

If you're having trouble where to begin with PowerPoint, this article has the #1 tip for how to make PowerPoint work for you instead of against you.  And it's really simple..

How to Tell if an Email is a Scam

  • Steve Puffenberger
  • Technical Support

They're @ it again. New attack vector for identity theft

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, there's a new way the identity thieves are trying to hack your accounts.  Be aware!

When PowerPoint Templates Go Wrong

  • Steve Puffenberger
  • General, Presentations/Events

Some think PowerPoint templates with white backgrounds are cool but the results are anything but.

Why do more and more people use white for PowerPoint backgrounds?!? They might look good on a computer screen, but when projected, bad things happen.

Modern Web Design Trends = Bad Results

  • David Puffenberger
  • General, Web/Graphic Design

How and why proven user-centered web design principles are being blatantly ignored.

Have you ever used a computing device or visited a website and had a really hard time figuring out how to navigate through it to find the information you're looking for? We’ve...

Our Custom Approach to Website Design and Development.

  • David Puffenberger
  • General, Web/Graphic Design

Here's the process Advent Media, Inc. uses to create "Websites that Work".

In spite of what they say on TV ads, Websites don’t just “happen.” While you can get a bargain $5/month Website, the biggest "gotcha" with those is that you have to do...

Who Needs a Documentary Film?

  • Steve Puffenberger
  • Video Production

Why a Documentary Video is a Valuable Business Communication Tool

Everyone has a story to tell. If you’re in business, or you have an organization with a mission, often the best way to get the story out is to tell it on video. And that’s where a...

Seven Primary Web Design Guidelines

  • David Puffenberger
  • Web/Graphic Design

The user interface goes a long way in delivering great user experience.

If you’ve researched Web design or Web development lately, you probably have heard of UX/UI design. But what does that mean?   At Advent Media, we have learned from our 15+ years in the...

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