Video that Connects

Professional Video Production That Works

Video is a powerful tool for connecting with customers, employees, members or constituents. It’s often the first impression people have of an organization. Video can quickly tell the story of an organization or event, capturing the imagination and calling the audience to action. When you need video, you need a professional video storyteller like Advent Media, Inc. We specialize in telling stories, using documentary filmmaking techniques, for corporate, industrial, training, education and non-profit clients.

Viewer Experience (VX)

Video is a visceral experience, involving senses of sight and sound, providing an emotional connection. Hollywood and Madison Avenue have taught viewers well in what to expect in video. There are basic elements to visual storytelling that need to be present i truly effective video. Trust Advent Media, Inc. for professional video that gives your viewers a positive Viewer Experience

What's Involved in Professional Video Production

Professional video doesn't just happen. Here's what you have to master for effective video:

Screenwriting & Pre-Production

Screenwriting & Pre-Production

Writing for the screen is VERY Different than writing text for a report or article. Why? Because video is a visual medium that plays out over time. Pre-production sets the foundation upon which the film will be built. Advent Media, Inc.’s pre-production will assure a seamless, no surprises, no-excuses production experience.

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Quality Digital Cinema Production

Digital Cinema Video Production

The "production" phase could take a few hours to several months, depending on what needs to be captured, and can involve studio or location shots with places, things, actors or "real people." Advent Media, Inc.’s in-house resources give you the production values you need for a video that displays quality, at a budget you can afford.

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Efficient Digital Post-Production

Video Post-Production

Effective video editing involves much more than just knowing how to use editing software. Editing involves pace, rhythm, transitions, audio, graphics color correction and myriad other things to enhance the Viewer Experience. And then there's all the different release formats. Call Advent Media, Inc. and let your audience enjoy professional post production.

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"Professional video doesn't just happen."

A Video Production Process that works

Proven Production Process

There are four steps to video production, and each has its own skill set. With over 50 years of combined experience in the business, staff at Advent Media, Inc. can shepherd the process from concept to screen. We also offer individual services for clients who only need one piece of the puzzle..


  • Concept
  • Treatment
  • Budget
  • Script Coordination
  • Schedule
  • Site Selection/Set Building


  • Setup and Lighting
  • Videography
  • Still Photography
  • Graphics Creation
  • Music Selection or Composition
  • Voice Recording



  • Pro and/or Consumer Video Files
  • DVD or Blu-Ray Disk Authoring
  • Disc Duplication/Replication
  • Upload to Online Video Services
  • Website Video Embedding
  • PowerPoint Embedding/Linking

"There are basic elements to visual storytelling that amateur writers don't understand."

All Formats - All Platforms

VHS was so much simpler. Now with the proliferation of video codecs for both online, disk and file-based distribution, it can be quite confusing. We can deliver your project on any format for any purpose.

Source Formats

  • 480, 720, 1080, UHD, 4K, 5K, 6K
  • RED Media, Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD
  • AVCHD, XAVC-I/L, h.264, GoPro Cineform
  • HDV, DV, DVCAM, VHS, SVHS tape
  • 16mm film; 8mm film, 35mm slides, prints

Effects & Assets

  • Digital Juice - Entire Library
  • OmniMusic - Entire Library
  • Adobe CC Production Suite
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Release Formats

  • DVD and Blu-Ray Disk Authoring
  • Disk Duplication/Replication
  • Broadcast and Digital Cinema File Formats
  • h.264, WMV, QuickTime
  • Mac/PC PowerPoint Embeds/links

Digital Transfers  Transfer your slides, prints, film, vinyl records, video and audio tapes to today's digital formats. Preserve Your Stories