Experiences that Engage

Presentation Design

Advent Media, Inc. is a proven leader in professional presentation design. With experience that ranges back to the 35mm slide days, Advent Media becomes our clients' presentation partner to deliver stunning, eye, catching, and (most importantly) readable PowerPoint presentations. We not only transform your existing PowerPoint slides, but we also can start from scratch or even work hand-in-hand on-site to provide the most dynamic professional presentation experience possible!

Presentation Results

How does helping a local construction company sell $1Billion in construction management contracts over 10 years sound? We did it with Advent Media Inc.'s personalized team approach to presentation design.

Beyond the Makeover

Yes we can make your ugly slides beautiful, but what clients find most valuable is our experience at fitting your presentation graphics to the goals of your presentation or event. This live, interactive, on-site service not only designs your graphics but coaches you to provide the best audience experience.

Optimized for Your Venue

Templates and avant-garde designs may look great on your computer, but they rarely work well in a projected environment - especially with all the lights on. Our presentation graphics are designed for maximum readability.

Presentation Design Elements

Yes, we are PowerPoint experts. It's a true Swiss Army Knife® application that everyone has. Advent Media, Inc. can make PowerPoint NOT look like PowerPoint by adhering to our Presentation Elements. We can make you look your best without spending extra or facing the learning curve on another program. After all, we wrote the book!


"Where" is the first question we ask. That's because for an audience-centered presentation, there are myriad possibilities for distractions that need to be minimized.


"What" is the next item. You have your story to tell, but it needs to be shaped for the audience. What words, graphics, animations or videos will engage your audience?


PowerPoint templates rarely work in normal business settings. Our design exercise makes sure your audience can read the projected graphics so they don't become distractions themselves.


While delivery is up to you, learning how to "dance" with your screen is as important as is the design of the slides. Advent Media, Inc. can coach you in effective delivery methods.

How we work

Presentation Makeovers are billed on a per-slide basis, with three levels of service to choose from. Click for Details

Custom Presentation Design involves working with you from the beginning to craft a presentation for your audience. The service can include on-site show construction, on-the-fly editing, team rehearsal and coaching. Pricing is on a project basis. Contact us to discuss specifics.

Event Support takes our Presentation Design to the next level, actually helping you deliver the presentation on the road, wherever you go. Learn more about this personalized service.