Presentation Design

Whether you're a presentation veteran or a novice, you know the jitters that can come from standing in front of an audience hoping the slides work. Based on our 40+ years of projected AV experience, Presentation Design Services by Advent Media, Inc. can revolutionize the presentation experience for both you and your audience.

Clean, modern presentation slides that stand out from the crowd.

If you've used PowerPoint™ you've probably become painfully aware that most of the bundled templates don't work in an adverse projection environment. Advent Media, Inc.'s presentation content is OPTIMZED FOR PROJECTION so you'll never have to say, "I'm sorry if you can't see that."

Keywords and illustrations that leave great, lasting impressions.

It's easy to go text-happy in PowerPoint. Our "distillation" service thins out the text, illustrating your point with keywords, images and graphics, leaving the verbose text as your notes.

Taking Microsoft PowerPoint™ to the Next Level

We see Microsoft PowerPoint as the "Swiss Army Knife®" of design software. It's capable of so much more than text and graphics. Let Advent Media, Inc. unlock the secrets of PowerPoint so you can find its full potential in your next presentation.

Creating the First Impression

Rule #1 of any presentation is simple "People forget details." Rule #2 is, "People remember impressions." You get one shot when you stand before an audience to deliver your message. Will they remember verbose, confusing, hard to read graphics? Or will they remember they can trust confident speakers who know their material? Advent Media Inc.'s Presentation Design Services can make the difference for a wide variety of assignments:

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Sales Presentations

  • Retail sales tools
  • Bid presentations
  • Demonstration of qualifications
  • New Product rollouts
  • Sales force meetings

Education and Training

  • Classroom materials
  • Industry training
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Church adult/youth education
  • Webinars

Meeting Presentations

  • Convention keynotes/breakouts
  • Board meetings
  • Retirement seminars
  • Award shows
  • Nonprofit fundraising events
  • Press releases/news conferences

Kiosk/Digital Signage

  • Interactive museum displays
  • Interactive retail kiosk
  • Informational display
  • Conference/office "lobby loop"
  • Announcements and alerts

More than just PowerPoint

While we can do simple PowerPoint makeovers, Advent Media, Inc.'s Presentation Design Services can go far beyond the slide deck. After all, we wrote the book.

Ask about PowerPoint Presentation Makeovers Get the PainFree Presentations Guidebook

Casting the Vision

  • Defining presentation goals
  • Content Flow
  • Venue assessment
  • Audience research
  • Agenda setting (time budget)
  • Assigning roles

Preparing the Visuals

  • Corporate graphic standards
  • Consistent backgrounds
  • Photo/video asset creation
  • Adherence to PainFree Presentations standards for projected media.

Rehearsing the Team

  • On-site sessions with presenter(s)
  • On-the-fly editing
  • Presenter coaching (how to present without reading notes)
  • Operator training

Managing the Show

  • Training and coaching for presenters who want to fly solo
  • Advent Media, Inc. managed Event Support Services

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