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Advent Media, Inc. is pleased to represent the only front projection screen that actually absorbs ambient light, producing a wide-angle, no shimmer picture that is clearly visible in virtually any environment.

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Because you can't project black

Since a projector can only add light to a screen, increasing brightness to overcome ambient light just causes eyestrain. Supernova absorbs ambient light to give your audience the contrast they need to see your content comfortably.

The demonstration video is an accurate representation of what Supernova can do for your board room, classroom, auditorium or home theater. In our independent test it really works, and we can demonstrate it any time you'd like to see.

Say goodbye to washed out projected images when all the lights have to be on. Contact Advent Media, Inc. for a dnp Supernova Screen.

The world’s most innovative front projection screens.

The world's most innovative front projection screens.

The award-winning dnp Supernova Screen is the world’s first front projection screen designed for brightly-lit environments. For the first time ever, you don’t have to dim the lights when using a front projection solution. And with its elegant design and generous dimensions, Supernova is sure to make an impact in virtually any viewing environment.

Always clear and bright in virtually any envrionment.

Always clear and bright in virtually any envrionment.

Offering up to 7 times the contrast and double the image brightness of standard white front projection screens, Supernova Screens provide superior image quality, even in high ambient light environments. Supernova Screens are ideal anywhere a superior front presentation solution is required and a traditional flat screen TV is not big enough.

NEW: World's lowest cost 100" Display, the "Laser Panel"

Introducing the alternative to expensive LCD TVs for board room or home theater installations. Teaming the revolutionary STS screen with a 3,000 lumen laser projector, we now offer the 100" Laser Panel with performance equal to LCD at a fraction of the cost.

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Why is a media producer selling screens?

Inventory at DNP warehouseSteve Puffenberger, founder of Advent Media, Inc. authored a definitive book about presentations called PainFree Presentations. In researching the book he discovered the dnp Supernova Screen - the first product that really solves the problem of ambient light. Not finding any other dealers in the Ohio area, Advent Media, Inc. became an official dnp reseller for front and rear projection screens.

Now you can solve the problem of ambient light once and for all, whether for a home theater, conference room, classroom meeting room, church, auditorium, or anywhere you need to project a superior image.

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Advent Media, Inc. is a dnp Denmark authorized reseller selling direct to end-users and service providers within the United States. Live demos are available at our office or a customer's location within the Central Ohio area. Contact us to setup an apointment.

While Advent Media, Inc. does provide select "intergration services" within the Central Ohio area, no installation services are provided with a screen purchase. References to recommended third-party installers are available upon request.

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