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Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Front Projection Screens

dnp Supernova Screens

The award-winning dnp Supernova Screens are the world’s first, and still the best, Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) front projection screens specifically designed for brightly-lit environments. With Supernova, you don’t have to dim the lights when using a front projection solution. And with its elegant designs and generous dimensions, Supernova is sure to make an impact in virtually any viewing environment.

Offering up to 7 times the contrast and double the image brightness of standard white front projection screens, Supernova Screens provide superior image quality, even in high ambient light environments. Supernova Screens are ideal anywhere a superior front presentation solution is required and a traditional flat screen TV is not big enough.

DNP invented the ALR segment years before it was recognized by Infocomm and other competitors. Get the original - and still the best - ALR screens. dnp Supernova, available from Advent Media, Inc.

Because you can't project black.

Since a projector can only add light to a screen, increasing brightness to overcome ambient light just causes eyestrain. Supernova absorbs ambient light to give your audience the contrast they need to see your content comfortably.

The demonstration video is an accurate representation of what Supernova can do for your board room, classroom, auditorium or home theater. In our independent test it really works, and we can demonstrate it any time you'd like to see it in person.

"Supernova is sure to make an impact in virtually any viewing environment."

Screen Models

dnp Supernova One

Supernova One
Rigid Screen with Frame - up to 120" diag.
One Product Specs

dnp Supernova Core II

Supernova Core II
Flexible Material on Frame - up to 120" diag.
Core II Product Specs

dnp Supernova Blade

Supernova Blade
Rigid Screen without Frame - up to 120" diag.
Blade Product Specs

dnp Supernova Infinity

Supernova Infinity
Modular Rigid Screen that Grows to Any Size
Infinity Product Specs

dnp Supernova XL

Supernova XL
Flexible Material on Frame - up to 220" (16'x9')
XL Product Specs

dnp Supernova STS

Supernova STS, STW, STE
Rigid Screen for Short Throw Projectors up to 120"
ST Product Specs

dnp Supernova Flex Classic

Supernova Flex Classic
Electric Roll-Up Screen (Temporarily Unavailable)
Flex Classic Product Specs

dnp Supernova Mobile

Supernova Mobile
Portable Roll-Up (Discontinued - limited availability)
Mobile Product Specs

dnp Laser Panel

dnp Laser Panel - NEW! - 100" diag.
Projector & Screen Combo with Touch Screen Option
Laser Panel Product Specs

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"Engineered with a 7-layer optical surface."

Surface Types

Supernova Surface ComparisonUnlike other high-gain front projection screens with a simple reflective coating, Supernova is engineered with a 7-layer optical surface. Micro prisms brightly reflect light from the projector sending it back to the audience while effectively absorbing ambient light.

The HG23 and 08-85 materials are designed for "traditional" projectors which mount at least 1.5x the screen width in front of the screen.

For ultra-short-throw applications, the Supernova ST series uses lens array technology to achieve maximum uniform brightness and ambient light rejection.

For $20 you can order sample swatches of HG23 and 08-85 and try it yourself. Order samples here. (Sorry, samples of ST are not available.)

Download Advent Media's Application Notes

Supernova HG23 Screen Material

With its ‘second generation’ reflector, this new generation high gain (NGHG or "23-23") material offers uniform brightness, improved horizontal viewing and almost eliminates shimmering typical of other high-gain screens. It performs superbly in both dark and bright rooms with a range of projectors, large and small. This is the ideal screen surface for screening room updates because it more than doubles the output of your existing projector!

Supernova Short Throw

Project UpFor "short throw" projectors - those that mount inches from the wall and project at a severe angle - DNP has developed "ST" technology. This ambient light absorbing technique borrows Fresnel lens technology from DNP's rear projection expertise to produce amazing pictures in bright ambient light from a short throw projector. A variety of models provide beautiful images for any short-throw projection situation. 

Supernova 08-85 Screen Material

ISF-certifiedThis ISF-certified screen material features true deep black levels, accurate color, high contrast and extreme viewing angles. 08-85 maintains even brightness regardless of seating position. To achieve the deep black levels and wide angle performance the screen is not as reflective as is HG23. A brighter projector may be preferred. ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certification defines the very highest quality of displays.

DNP Laser Panel

Why pay $40,000 or more for a 100" LCD TV, when for a fraction of the price you can have a 100" display that in many ways outperforms LCD? The DNP Laser Panel combines a 3,000 lumen short-throw projector with a 100" Short Throw screen to provide a complete turnkey display system for a fraction of the cost of LCD at this size. And it's upgradeable - just swap the projector with the latest ultra-resolution and you're future-proof. The Laser Panel includes projector AND screen, and is available with a touch-screen option. Download brochure.


Advent Media, Inc. is your source for any of dnp's exclusive Rear Projection screens. To learn about the models and their specifications, please click below, then call for a quote.

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While Advent Media, Inc. does provide select "intergration services" within the Central Ohio area, no installation services are provided with a screen purchase. References to recommended third-party installers are available upon request.

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