Web Development Services

Web development for Websites is what construction trades are to architects. A Web developer's job is to make the design a reality, and to do that we enter the realm of "code." Properly coded Websites load fast, work accross all platforms (Mac, PC and Mobile), and stay out of the way of the message the site owner has for the visitors.

Custom Theme Development

The "Theme" is the look and feel of the Website. During Site Development we take the designer's vision and turn it into code that efficiently works throughout all pages, providing a consistent user interface that's compatible with Web standards and conventions. These standards and conventions are crucial to keeping visitors on your site. If a visitor has to figure out how to use the site, that distracts from the core message, so our goal is to make the site as intuitive as possible.

DNN/Evoq Development

At Advent Media, Inc., we've standardized on the DNN/Evoq Content Management System (CMS) for all the sites we create.  DNN is the premier CMS for the Microsoft .NET platform, used by Fortune 500 companies around the globe. DNN features a highly intuitive interface for site owners to manage updates, and is extensible with hundreds of available plug-ins for advanced functions, and it is much more secure than any other CMS, especially WordPress.

Web Application Development

When Websites need to "do things," that means engineering and building out the designer's vision for Web Applications, By leveraging the power of DNN, Web applications are intuitive and affordable. Advent Media's experience ranges from a system to collect accreditation data for schools to managing contest entries for a film competition. We approach Web Application code with an eye to future expansion, making sure the app has the extensibilitly you need.