Presentation design services that connect.

We design, format and deliver presentation content for businesses and organizations; helping them reach their live or online audiences with creative presentation visuals. In other words, "We make PowerPoint work for you!"

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Presentation Design Services

Presentation design begins with a complete analysis of the content, your audience's demographics, and the venue where the presentation will take place. Weighing all those factors against your goals for the event, we optimize the content and devise a structure that will make the positive impression that you need so your message is received. Design services can be performed remotely with collaboration software, or in personalized live design sessions at your site where we also coach presenters and tweak things on the fly.

Content Formatting Services

Whether it's for an auditorium, conference room, classroom, digital signage, Webinar or LinkedIn's SlideShare™, making slides that look beautiful AND work in adverse presentation conditions is our specialty. The primary question is, can your audience READ what is being shown, from wherever they are in the room, with whatever issues degrade the image? In any presentation environment distractions can be a major issue, so we use custom layouts to ensure the slides themselves don't become a distraction. Complex animations and inserting video into PowerPoint is never a problem!

Event Production Services

When the show "absolutely, positively" has to go right, our clients take advantage of our decades of showmanship experience by having us ride along and make sure things work. For smaller shows we can provide projector, screen, sound, and even video recording. For larger audiences we will work with a local AV staging company to coordinate all the aspects, then we direct the show so you don't have to "speak geek." We make events easy to manage.

Presentation Partner

We piloted this concept with a local construction company, helping them win over $1 Billion in construction management over a 10 year period. As your Presentation Partner, we become part of your presentation team, helping to shape your case, create custom graphics (with last-second tweaks), rehearse the presenters, and manage all the AV needs in the presentation venue. It's the ultimate "Pain Free Presentation" service.