PowerPoint™ presentation design services.

At Advent Media, Inc. we have a core design principle for all our services - and it's especially true for presentations:  "If the media is going to enhance the message, it cannot be a primary distraction." If people have to squint to see what's on the screen, or if you have to say, "I'm sorry if you can't see that," it's become a distraction. We aim to correct that.

Presentation Design

When designing for PowerPoint, instead of picking a spiffy template, we start with questions: How big is the screen? What size is the room? How many people? How far away will they be? What kind of light control? What's your corporate branding standard? Only then do we develop a custom template that will meet the needs of the audience, allowing them to see clearly regardless of the environment.

Presentation Keywording

Most presenters like to fill their slides with words - full sentences or paragraphs that they often just read, which quickly becomes tiresome to the audience. A service we offer distills verbose text to keywords and key phrases that punctuate your point, or replaces words with pictures or illustrations. Your verbose text can go in the notes so you can read from Presenter View, or print on Notes Pages.

Presentation Facelifts

Our most economical service is a basic Presentation Facelift (or Makeover).  Send us your ugly slides and we'll make them beautiful - and readable from a distance in adverse lighting conditions. We also add in transitions and animations to enhance the flow, but not overwhelm the message. Priced on a per-slide basis, we can take your presentation to the next level in just days.

Tell us how many slides and we'll get you a quote