Managed services that empower.

Creative content means little if it cannot get to your audience. Advent Media, Inc. provides the means to deliver your message, and make your work life easier!

Discover our Managed Services

Managed Web Hosting

Experience the benefits of enterprise-grade web hosting.

At Advent Media, we strive to bring Enterprise-Grade hosting benefits to our clients, no matter how small. We host our clients' sites in advanced datacenters on dedicated servers or in cloud environments. These Microsoft Windows Servers are specially tuned to run the DNN CMS, which we directly manage, so any hosting issues can be resolved quickly. Plus it's all protected with a multi-layer security approach that protects your sensitive data while optimizing access for your site visitors.

Managed Cloud Solutions

Easing the management of cloud solutions.

The "next big thing" in the online industry is the "Cloud," and Advent Media, Inc. can help weigh costs/benefits for this migration, which may include cloud storage, cloud backup or cloud hosting. One primary Cloud solution we provide is Microsoft's Office 365 subscriptions. By putting your email, calendar, contacts and more in the cloud it's available 24-7-365 from any machine anywhere, and with Advent Media, Inc. as your administrator, you can count on this reliable service.

Managed IT Solutions

Top-tier IT solutions for the workplace.

Because we design, build and maintain our own IT systems for high-end video production and office productivity, we offer select clients retainer-based managed IT solutions. This can include server/workstation installations, backup strategies, assistance connecting to fiber and other high speed Internet providers, and more. Ask us how we can help make your work life easier.