Legacy movie film, photo, audio tape and phonograph transfer services.

Time is running out for the images and sound you have stored away in closets and drawers. Not only might colors be fading, but the machinery to play slides, tapes and home movies is becoming harder to find, much less maintain. Advent Media, Inc. is your LOCAL Columbus, Ohio source for preserving your legacy materials by transferring them to digital formats that can be preserved. No need for a special box. Bring us your materials and we'll personally transfer them to high quality digital formats. Our prices are comparable to major national transfer agencies.

Slide & Print Transfers

35mm slides and prints are our specialtly. We started in the slide business so we use our unique understanding of still image media to provide high quality scans of prints and slides fast! We can also digitally remove dirt and dust, apply color correction, and organize your images.

Along with digital images, we can also create a Video Photo Album, a video "slideshow" of your images in your choice, DVD, HD or 4K.

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Movie Film Transfers

From the 1940s to the 1990s, home movies were shot on film. But now projectors are few and far between.  If you have a box of films that need to be preserved, we can digitize those memories so you can see them again and share with your grandkids. 8mm, Super 8mm or 16mm. Bring them over and relive the legacy!

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Video Tape Transfers

Home movies from the 90s thru just a few years ago were shot on tape. VHS was king during those years, alongside Sony's 8mm format, and soon came digital 8, mini-DV, and the high definition tape format HDV. Advent Media, Inc. can revive those tapes before they degrade, and turn them into digital files that not only preserve the memories, but become editable assets for your own home movie epics.

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Audio Tape & Phonograph Transfers

Got a tape recording of a recital from years ago that you can't play anymore?  Old records that you wish you could hear again (or those from Grandma's attic that you can't play?) Advent Media, Inc.'s legacy audio service can reclaim those memories by transferring them to digital audio for your iPod or other modern music players. Whether it's professional or consumer, stereo or mono, open reel or cassette, we can handle all 1/4" formats. And for phonograph records, we can handle everything from Victrola-era laquer disks to modern LPs.

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Legacy Digital Transfer Options

All of our digital transfer services give you digital files (audio or video) that we deilver on Flash drive. We create a professional-format "capture" file and then convert it to a consumer-level compressed file for your use. We offer a discount if you only want the professional, 1st generation transfer file. For the release drive, you can provide a drive of sufficient size, or purchase one from us. DVD or CD delivery is also available. For set-top-playable disks, a fee for "authoring" the disk is additional, and options including menus, chapter points and repeat play options are available. Up to 2 hours of SD video will fit on a DVD. 

NOTICE FOR MATERIAL(S) PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT: Copyrighted materials (book/magazine images, pre-recorded tapes, phonograph records, video tapes or films) may be transferred to digital FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY under the Fair Use provision of U.S. Copyright law. Source material must be retained while a digital copy is in use. The digital copy must be destroyed if the copyrighted source recording is sold or given to another person. Copyrighted material may not be physically shared, uploaded to a media sharing service or social media, used in a production, or played publically without permission and license from the copyright holder(s). Digital Rights Management (DRM) and/or other copy protection methods in the source material may prevent digital transfer. Advent Media cannot and will not attempt to bypass any copy protection methods imposed on copyrighted materials. Read our article about copyrighted content and usage.  This does not apply to material you personally created (slides, photos, home movies, audio recordings), or material you've commissioned under a Work for Hire agreement with a content creator.