Preserving stories from the past.

Time is running out for your old audio and video recordings, films, slides and prints. Not only are movie projectors, tape recorders, slide projectors and VCRs becoming harder to find, some tapes and films are deteriorating as they sit in your closet. Soon they will not be playable at all. Now is the time to preserve those memories before it’s to late.

With close to 50 years in the media production business, over half of that time in the analog era, we know the best way to handle film, tape and vinyl conversions. Each conversion job is customized to fit the condition of the source and your digital archiving needs.

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Legacy sources we can digitize.

  • Slides & Prints

  • 35mm Slides
  • Prints and Portraits
  • Large transparencies
  • Movie Film

  • 8mm
  • Super 8mm
  • 16mm
  • 16mm with Sound
  • Audio Tape/Disk

  • Open Reel Tapes (1/4, 1/2, Full Track)
  • Phonograph (LP) Records (33/45/78)
  • Audio Cassettes
  • Other Formats (Provide Device)
  • Video Tape

  • DV, Mini-DV, HDV
  • 8mm, Hi-8mm
  • Digital-8


New! Multi-Image Restoration

If you have a multi-projector slide show from the 70s thru early 90s, it can be an important historical record. We at Advent Media, Inc. have perfected a system to restore a Multi-Image show, now matter how many projectors or screens, to its full fidelity in 4K video. The service requires the original slides and a VHS or other low resolution video of the show with the soundtrack. We will transfer the slides at higher than 4K resolution, then sync them to the original soundtrack using the video as a reference, reproducing graphics, using video transitions and, if desired, adding special effects like pans and zooms. Then  we deliver on DVD, Blu-Ray or any high definition file format up to 4K. Learn More >

Delivery Options

Slides & prints are delivered as high-resolution JPEG files or editable RAW images. They may be combined in video to a "Video Photo album"
Movies can be captured in SD (4:3) video for DVD, or in HD for file-based use.
Audio can be delivered as CD audio, MP3 files or uncompressed WAV audio.
Legacy videotape formats are transferred to SD (4:3) formats, suitable for DVD or file based delivery.

Delivery media include: CD | DVD (Set-top playable or DVD-ROM) | Blu-Ray (HD) | Flash Drive | Portable Hard Drive | Upload to Private Cloud Service
Quantity bulk duplication/replication of disk media or Flash drives is available. Flash drives with corporate branding or unique shapes also available.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Material you created (slides, photos, home movies, audio recordings), or material you commissioned under a Work for Hire agreement with a content creator may be copied and shared freely. HOWEVER, copyrighted materials (book/magazine images, pre-recorded tapes, phonograph records, VHS movies, or 16mm films) may be transferred to digital FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY under the Fair Use provision of U.S. Copyright law. Source recordings must be retained while a digital copy is in use. The digital copy must be destroyed if the copyrighted source recording is sold or given to another person. Copyrighted material may not be physically shared, uploaded to a media sharing service, or used in a commercial production without permission and license from the copyright holder(s). Digital Rights Management (DRM) and copy protection schemes in the source material may prevent digital transfer.  Read our article about copyrighted content and usage.