Our Custom Approach to Website Design and Development.

How Advent Media's Design Studios make "Websites that Work".

In spite of what they say on TV ads, Websites don’t just “happen.” While you can get a bargain $5/month Website, the biggest "gotcha" with those is that you have to do the development, and that can be VERY costly if not done correctly.  The sites we develop are admittedly not cheap, but using this process, we achieve “no surprises, no excuses” user experiences on the Web:

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So What's an App?

A white paper on interactive design

Recently I had a friend ask the seemingly simple question, “what is an app?” The simple answer is, “it’s an ‘application.’” But in today’s computer environment the answer is much more complicated than that.

An “application” or “app” is simply a program that does something. There are basically four types of apps, “OS apps” “desktop apps,” “Web apps” and “Mobile apps.” We'll discuss Mobile Websites too...

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It's All About Experience

Why your audience should be a critical consideration.

A new trend in software and Web design is something called UX, for “User Experience.” UX designers strive to make the whole of the interaction with their program intuitive. With good UX, users don’t need a manual. They just kind of know what to do – BECAUSE the designer has followed the “rules” of human/machine interaction.

Well it occurred to me that while UX applies to nonlinear/interactive media, two other “experience” categories also apply, VX for Viewer Experience, which applies to linear programming like video and film, and AX for Audience Experience, which applies to any presentation involving a live audience – particularly meetings.

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Smartphone Video

When to use it...and when NOT to use it

An amazing thing has happened. Nearly everyone has a HD video camera in their pocket. Modern smartphones are actually quite capable little video cameras. And the internet is filled with video from them!

So the big question is, with that power in my pocket, why can’t I just shoot my next corporate or event video with my iPhone?

Well there are some people who have shot short films and even a clip in a feature or two on a smartphone, but you can’t just go willy-nilly and expect to get something better than funny cat videos or clips of people falling down. 

We detail the many ways in which videos shot on smartphones usually fall flat.

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A Basic Color Calibration Technique for TV's and Monitors

How to calibrate your monitor with using the color blue.

NTSC was said to mean, "Never Twice the Same Color" because with CRTs (old fashioned picture tubes), colors could shift for a variety of reasons - sometimes as the TV set warmed up. With digital video, the issue isn't quite as apparent, but still LCD panels vary. Here's how to use the old CRT technique to tune up your digital TV or computer monitor.

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