What Is "The Cloud?"

A realistic look at Cloud Computing. Hint: it's not in the sky.

Unless you're totally oblivious to technology, you've no doubt heard of "cloud" this or that when talking about computers or Websites. And the cloud is depicted by a nice fluffy thing that looks soft and cuddly. What are we talking about? This article can help make sense of the cloudy Internet forcasat.

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Slide Conversions Make Slide Shows Live Again

With 4K scans of slides, Multi-Image shows be restored to their original splendor!

As you may have read, Advent Media, Inc. started out in the slide show business. Today we think of slides as something you make in PowerPoint, but in the late 60s thru early 90s, slides were big stuff, in a medium known as Multi-Image. It was the original multimedia production medium with lots of screens, projectors and media types. Now that 4K video has arrived, we can scan the slides to restore old Multi-Image shows to their full 4K glory, and sequence them so they run again.  Learn more about the legacy of slides and how we can convert your slide show to digital video.

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Copyright and Wrong

A resource reguarding the use of copyrighted material.

If you think you can use commercially-recorded music in a presentation, video or Website just because it's freely available from YouTube or your favorite sharing service, or you have an old LP from 50 years ago, think again. Copyright violations can lead to serious trouble. Read this article from the Public Domain Information Project. Another good resource is www.bzrights.com, which can negotiate clearance rights for you.

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Avoiding Ransomware

...and other Internet maladies

A friend asked if there's a way to protect against malware like Ransomware - where the attackers encrypt your disk and charge you a king's ransom to unlock it. If you get it and you're not prepared, you just have to pay the ransom, or lose everything, reformat your your computer and start over.

While there is no 100% sure defense that we can guarantee you won't get infected, there are several safeguard precautions a computer owner can take to protect against ransomware and other threats.

UPDATE: With the proliferation of WannaCry, we've updated the article...

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The Drawbacks of Instant "Website Builders."

Many reasons why DIY "Website Builders" don't work for businesses.

There are many companies advertising"New Website in 24 Hours", “Create Your Own Website in Minutes” or "Free Website Builder - Create a Free Website." Click through and you go, "Wow, I wish my Website looked like that." So if they can do that in a day, why does it take several weeks or months for us to build a professional Website? Find out why instant "Website Builders" are not an "all-in-one" solution like they advertise...

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Computers are Not Toasters

Why upgrades are a necessity, not a luxury

Computers are not toasters. Toasters are so simple.   Just plug it in, drop in bread, slide the handle down, wait a few minutes, and you have toast!  In fact, we still have the toaster I remember using 50 years ago, when I was growing up… and it works!  Of course, toasters have one thing going for them: the shape of bread has been virtually unchanged since the invention of … the toaster.

The same can't be said of computers. Find out why...

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What is Enterprise Grade?

A primer on Website Foundations

There are Websites, and there are WEBSITES. These days you hear the ads for “Free Website” or “Only $5/month to have a professional Website.” And indeed those folks deliver Websites that are easy to populate with your content and don’t cost much. But for businesses, there’s much more to Website management.

“Enterprise grade” sites, used by big businesses, start with a solid foundation. They are secure, hardened against hacking, offer extensibility so they can grow in both form and function, and provide much better return-on-investment for the owner. Enterprise grade sites are not cheap, but then using consumer sites for business has deep risks.

At Advent Media, Inc. we’re focused on bringing enterprise grade to the rest of us.

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When PowerPoint Templates Go Wrong

Some think PowerPoint templates with white backgrounds are cool but the results are anything but.

Why do more and more people use white for PowerPoint backgrounds?!?

Every time I see someone presenting, they're using white or very light backgrounds. And they're beautiful if you view them on a computer monitor or laptop, but project a white background on a big screen and bad things happen.

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The Basics of Video Style

Some of the techniques we use to make award-winning video

These days, everyone's a video producer. "All you need," they say, "is an iPhone."  Well that's not quite true. Yes you can shoot video on your iPhone, or Android, or a bazillion other camera models that are flooding the market, but you kind of have to know what you're doing before rolling footage. And that takes experience. With over 55 years of combined experience, we've learned a thing or three. Here are some of the principles by which we create outstanding media

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