Audio Production Services

Audio has been at the core of Advent Media, Inc. since before the beginning. We actually started as a botique recording studio, then added the visual components to become a full-service media production company. That was over 40 years ago. Now with the latest in digital audio, we continue to provide high quality audio services for radio, podcast or incorporation into video, Websites or presentations.

Sound Design

Sound Design is a component of audio production that encompasses the entire sonic experience. This involves music (library or original), sound effects, live recordings, studio recordings, you name it. Generally sound design is a component of a video production but it's just as necessary with an audio-only project.

Audio Editing

When it comes to assembling an audio project, or the audio portion of a video, editing is now done on a Digital Audio Workstation. Working with digital audio is a dream compared to the old days of mag tape, but because we have our rooots in those old analog days, our mixes achieve amazing results. And, because of our analog roots, we're one of the few studios around with tape recorders that can read and digitize legacy consumer and professional open reel and cassette tape formats.

Voiceover Narration

Narration is a key component of many of the films we do, as well as an audio project. We have Steve Puffenberger's in-house voice talent available all the time, to make sessions easy, but we can also bring in a number of other talented men or women to add character to your project. See our Success Stories to hear our voiceover artists at work.