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Bringing together both Form and Functon.

Website Design and Development ServicesThere are Websites that sit there, and there are Websites that do things. Lots of things. Things like updating themselves. Things like adapting themselves to whatever device a user happens to use as a browser. What Advent Media, Inc. offers is expertise at blending communication FORM with dynamic, state-of-the-art FUNCTION.

Our approach to Website design stems from our 40+ years of experience in the Columbus, Ohio AV business - long before the Web was imagined - as we created programming for some of the initial interactive multimedia platforms and moved on from there.

Now as new devices, code bases and styles such as "responsive" and "parallax" are trending in the world of the Web, Advent Media, Inc. continues to be on the cutting edge of Website progress.

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Proven Web Development Process

Proven Web Development The Form of a Website needs a plan, a cohesive approach that blends with your existing promotional efforts. Advent Media, Inc.'s exclusive Web development process starts with the basics of communicating to your specific audience to develop an approach that will intuitively lead your visitors to the information they need.

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Fully Custom Website Design

Custom Website DesignOur approach to Website Design focuses on creating and leaving lasting impressions with your visitors. Clean page layouts, up-to-date graphics and intuitive touch-friendly navigation smoothly guide visitors throughout the site while unique custom design elements add visual interest and reflect your brand.

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One Site...All Screen Sizes - Responsive Website Design

One Site...All Screen Sizes - Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website DesignThe proliferation of Web-enabled devices makes traditional Web development obsolete. People are increasingly likely to browse your site on a myriad displays in both portrait (tall) and landscape (sideways) on desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs and other devices. With Advent Media, Inc.'s Responsive Web Design, ONE SITE works with ALL screens. Try it on this page. If you're using a desktop or laptop, shrink the window and watch the content magically reshape itself while remaining readable. Or if you're using a tablet or smartphone, rotate it the other way. The goal is to keep your content readable, informative and easy-to-access regardless of screen size.

We Build Amazing DNN Websites

DNN PlatformAt Advent Media, Inc. our sites are exclusively built upon the DNN Platform, a leading Web Content Management System that is the backbone for many Fortune 500 companies. It is so easy to use, site owners can make page edits right inside the browser - faster than you can send an email requesting the change. It's also very extensable and can do everything from timed announcements to e-commerce. If you can dream it, we can do it with DNN.

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Reliable Web Hosting

Reliable Web HostingWe provide various hosting options, including hosting on our own physical and virtual servers located in a secure Columbus, Ohio datacenter with multiple fiber connections and redundant backup power. Our servers are optimized for DNN to provide high performance, reliable service for your Website.

Site Management

Site Management ServicesWhile it's easy to make edits in one of our Websites, sometimes you don't have the time. Or maybe you need more intensive changes. For that we provide ongoing Site Management as part of our hosting agreement. Just send us an email or call us up and we'll tweak whatever needs tweaking.

Helping People Communicate with Technology

Exchange Online

Exchange OnlineA common problem these days is syncing your email, contacts and calendar between multiple devices. The best solution is a Microsoft Exchange Online account, part of the Office 365 experience.

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Essential SEO

Essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of Web development. We apply SEO strategies as we develop content for our clients, but be aware that no one, not even us, can guarantee top search engine placement.

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Video Production

Online Video Production ServicesVideo for Web is an important part of nearly every Web client's strategy these days, but a cell phone camera or kid with a camcorder probably doesn't create the video quality your viewers expect. We are video specialists.

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Presentation Design ServicesWhether it's putting a slide deck on the Web for downloading, or for promoting a presenter's speaking tour, presenters need the coordinated approach Advent Media, Inc. offers for Website design and development.

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