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Delivering Your Story to a Digital Video World

Video Production ServicesFor more than 40 years, Advent Media, Inc. founder Steve Puffenberger has been telling visual stories – more than 30 of those years at the helm of Advent Media, Inc. Now you can leverage this experience to tell your story in digital cinema quality with our high definition video production services.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Advent Media’s award winning Video Production Services help clients communicate effectively with their audiences. Whether it’s a video to be projected for a keynote audience of 10,000, a sales or promotional piece distributed on DVD, or a training video streaming on YouTube, take advantage of Advent Media’s storytelling experience. We have your story to tell…in video.

Video Case Studies

Video to Inform

Informative Video Production Services

If you have information people need, we love to tell stories. For instructional purposes, we love telling people how to do stuff. For promotional uses, we love making expert use of words and pictures to help people see it your way. Whatever the need, Advent Media, Inc. can tell the story in a way that connects with your audience. We have your story to tell.

Video to Persuade

Persuasive Video Production ServicesFor clients or causes that require action, persuasive video is key. Advent Media's award-winning documentary filmmaking can mean the difference when it comes to the success of a campaign. Whether displayed big screen or little, distributed online or on disk or flash drive, let Advent Media distill your story into digital bits that change lives.

Proven Digital Video Production Process

Proven Video Production Process, Delivering Quality Results

"Turn-key" video production is our specialty, providing personalized script-to-screen service. Using digital cinema gear we achieve the same image quality as the larger video production houses, but what sets Advent Media, Inc. apart is our proven video production process that helps ensure your project meets your needs. We realize that a custom video production is a major investment. Our process assures that it will meet the needs of your audience within your budget and timetable. At every step you have editorial input into the creation of the film. By keeping you in the loop, video production is a "no surprises, no excuses" exercise that assures you of success.

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High Definition Post Production Services

If you have footage that needs editing, Advent Media, Inc. can cut it together quickly and accurately, providing top quality output utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud collection. We can read virtually any source format from VHS to ProRes, and can output to just about anything as well, providing fast, flexible post work for commercials, corporate video, documentaries, dramas and even home movies.

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Documentary Filmmaking

Award Winning Documentary FilmmakingOur awards for documentary filmmaking speak for themselves. With our 2nd Advent Pictures division we're developing our own content, but you can use this expertise to tell your story. Our approach to documentary filmmaking is decidedly light, using a minimal crew and gear that doesn't intimidate subjects. If you have a story to tell, we're the ones to help you tell it.

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Video FOR Events

Video for PresentationsBecause of our professional presentations niche, one of our Columbus, Ohio video production specialties is producing video for events. Creating video for large-screen projection is quite a bit different than making one for online viewing. Video to be embedded in presentations has to conform to certain specifications. Local and national clients trust us for video productions that work on big screens as well as on tiny ones.

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Video OF Events

Live Event Video RecordingLive Video Capture of long-format events is something we take seriously. We provide tapeless capture of long-format lectures, keynote addresses, workshops, seminars, press conferences, public announcements, etc. From that we can deliver DVD, Blu-Ray, live streaming or video-on-demand. It's part of our Columbus, Ohio video production services that we offer anywhere in the country.

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Helping People Communicate with Technology

Video for Presentations

Presentation Design ServicesVideo for Presentations needs to be handled somewhat differently than for "standard" viewing. By coordinating with the presentation, our video assets enhance presentations with a consistent look and feel.

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Video for Websites

Website Development ServicesVideo content for Web requires special care and feeding. Because we also focus on Web development we have methods that can embed the video in your Website seamlessly - and be consistent with the look and feel of the site.

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Video Portfolios

Video PortfoliosIf you're in a visually-oriented profession, use an Advent Media, Inc. video to display your finest work. We have a special offer for a Video Image Showcase that works wonderfully for Website, kiosk, trade show, or lobby display.

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Video to Preserve Memories

Video TransfersIf you have photos, slides, 8mm/16mm films, VHS/8mm home video or any format audio tape or vinyl record, we have what it takes to transfer those memories in digital formats including DVD and BluRay. A digital archive of home images makes a perfect gift!

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