The Guidebook for Effective Presentations

PainFree Presentations will revolutionize your presentations. This book contains the timeless principles of AV professionals that have been lost in the rush to commoditize presentation software and hardware.

The authors of PowerPoint did an amazing job of creating a tool that democratizes presentations, but the built-in templates (and for that matter most available templates) ignore one key fact: presentations are PROJECTED onto a screen that in most cases is washed out by room light or affected by myriad other factors that degrade the precious images. Just because it looks good on your computer screen doesn't mean it'll be readable when projected!  And so the most frequently heard sentence in a presentation is, "I'm sorry if you can't see that..." By following the "rules" in PainFree Presentations, you'll never have to utter those embarrassing words again.

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PainFree Presentations goes beyond PowerPoint, discussing the implications of room layout, sight lines, and how to design slides that cut through room light (if you don't have a Supernova Screen). Topics include:

  • The Setting - where, when and to whom you present
  • The Content - shaping your case to fit the setting
  • The Design - being creative within the bounds of human perception
  • The Delivery - how to make the screen your presentation partner

PowerPoint has Consequences

You many never have thought about the consequences of a poorly designed or performed presentation. It is said the Space Shuttle Columbia was lost because of "engineering by PowerPoint." Had they understood the persuasive nature of the screen, the outcome may have been different.

PainFree Presentations looks at the entire presentation experience, from planning with the presentation room in mind to "shaping your content" and "dancing with your screen." There's far more to a presentation than PowerPoint, and this book covers it all.

in Academics

Knowledge of PowerPoint is not enough for an effective presentation. If you're an instructor teaching PowerPoint, don't stop at the buttons. Teach your students how to apply creativity within the practical limitations of projectors, lenses, screens and eyeballs. 

And if you're a student, grab this textbook and teach your instructors a thing or three.

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About the Author

Steve Puffenberger, a 40-year veteran of the AV industry, became fed up with seeing poorly-constructed slides at various presentations, events and even webinars. People in the audience would work so hard to make out what was on the slides, they would totally miss the concepts the presenter was trying to communicate. But whenever Steve made the slides, the compliments (and in one client's case, the sales) poured in. What was the difference? The timeless principles AV professionals know. So Steve set out to codify this knowledge into a the book, PainFree Presentations™. Follow these principles and your presentations will also get rave reviews.

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